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Laser Tag

You crouch behind a wall, aiming your phaser into darkness. You see blinking lights materialize through the fog-shrouded corridor. The blue team is advancing on your base! You zap one of your opponents and their battlesuit deactivates… Laser tag is an exciting, fast-paced game where you compete for high scores. You can play in free-for-all games or as part of a team.  Each game takes 20 minutes including time for an explanation of the game, dividing into teams and equipping yourself with laser tag gear.

Largest Arena in Colorado!

Players are immersed in the ancient Egyptian theme the minute they walk through the stone archways into the briefing room. The wow factor continues as players navigate the multi-level themed maze and contend with the Pharaoh, an interactive arena target.  The arena is filled with fog to make the lasers and flashing lights more visible.  Music and black-lighting add to the atmosphere.

Up to 36 player participate in the arena at a time.  Teams are identified by the color of the flashing lights on the battlesuit vests.  The players attempt to tag the opponents and the bases of the other teams while avoiding being tagged.  When the game is over, players receive individual score cards showing how well they and their team did.

Variety of Games & Power-Ups

Loveland Laser Tag proudly utilizes state-of-the-art Gen7 Supernova Laserforce equipment. Each battlesuit has 20 hit sensors, 12 full-color LEDs, shoulder speakers with digital speech & SFX, and a 2-handed phaser with a special feature button for advanced abilities. And our Laserforce system offers a unique handicap & power-up system to keep things challenging game after game.

The standard game of laser tag is played with 2-3 teams, but the sky is the limit! We can run a variety of game types such as Gladiators, Highlander, Space Marines, and Shadows, each with their own unique twists. For a PDF file with a full list of game types, click here.

Relic Cards