Laserforce Gen8 Infinity Laser Tag

Laserforce laser tag system with stunning lighting effects, a 5″ interactive chest screen, a capacitive touch phaser screen, and new gameplay features!

5700 sq. ft. 3-level laser tag arena

The largest laser tag arena in Colorado can play up to 40 players at a time and with over 50+ game modes to try, we promise you wont play just one game.

Play Laser Tag, Earn Arcade Tickets!

Only at LLT, earn tickets playing laser tag and redeem your favorite prizes at the prize counter.

How to play laser tag:

Its more than just phasers & vests

LLT offers an incredible laser tag experience that blows any expectations you had for laser tag. We have the most innovative technological arena in Colorado! With plenty of targets to zap, players to team up with and games to explore, we know you’ll want to play again and again!

Interactive arena you can play against!

LLT’s laser tag playing field truly is a Living Arena. There are a dozen interactive elements to discover, including base targets, a powerful warbot, the ancient obelisk, and generator. Discover Beacons, interactive video targets that can trigger a 3rd-floor meltdown or grant your entire team powerful bonuses. Or capture a Portal to control a strategic arena chokepoint!

Player ranks, Achievements, & more!

The next big thing in laser tag is here: Laser Tag Achievements! Achievements are collected through completing various in-game challenges such as the effective use of a particular special ability or by carrying out specific tasks. Over 100 to earn, with many more to come. Collect them all!

We have a game-mode we know you’ll love!

The standard game of laser tag is played with 2-3 teams, but the sky is the limit! We can run a variety of game types such as Zombies vs. Survivors, Highlander, Space Marines, and Shadows, each with their own unique twists. Ask your game marshal about our special game types during your next visit!


Already a laser tag member?

Check your stats and ranking online at Laserforce’s members hub, (Note: When entering your member number, add the LLT site code in front. e.g. 4-19-6434)


Relic’s Laser Tag Pro Tips:

What to wear

We always say dress for active comfort. Laser tag is a great way to be active so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Dark clothing will help you hide in the shadows and the arena blacklights will illuminate anything bright!

Point & Shoot!

Follow our mission briefing from one of our laser tag experts so you can be familiar with how to use your phaser and battlesuit. Our laser tag battlesuits are very accurate and responsive to your shots, so you’ll know when you tag someone!

You're down but not out!

In our exciting and action packed laser tag, you’ll never run out of ammo or need worry about your virtual lives in our standard missions. If you’re tagged, your suit will deactivate giving you some time move and find cover or find teammates to help you out.

Move and explore!

With Colorado’s largest laser tag arena, we highly encourage you to move around and find new sight-lines, new targets to tag or new opponents to fight. We designed the arena so that there’s a memory made around every corner!

Play regualry!

With our all day play passes, jump into every laser tag game you can! The more you play the more you’ll uncover. From unique laser tag Achievements to player avatars, make the game yours!

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Summer Break Hours:

Extended hours from Monday, May 27th – Monday, September 2nd.



Fri & Sat:

Hours subject to change without prior notice. Please check our socials or call us for the latest hours.*