Space Marines Laser Tag

January 13, 2017

Space Marines Laser Tag

There’s laser tag, and then there’s Space Marines. This is an advanced laser tag game type, perfect for expert players and team-building. Two teams compete with each player taking a specific Space Marines role from the five different types available: commander, heavy weapons, scout, medic, and ammo carrier.

Players have limited lives, shots and missiles. A player who loses all their lives is eliminated from the mission. The team medic resupplies lives. The team ammunition carrier resupplies shots.

The commander is the leader of the team and has access to nukes and missiles.  The heavy weapons has extra armor, powerful shots, and missiles, but fires slower and starts with less lives.  The scout has a high number of lives and shots and can activate rapid fire mode, but also has weak armor.  The medic and ammo carrier are responsible for keeping their team resupplied with shots and ammo.

Space Marines is just one of the special game types at Loveland Laser Tag. To play Space Marines and other game types like Shadows, Highlander, and Timewarp, come to TNT – Tuesday Night Tag!

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