Laser Tag Beacons

February 2, 2017
February 2, 2017 laserfuncenter

Laser Tag Beacons

LLT’s laser tag arena is loaded with interactive targets: 3 base targets, Warbot, Generator, Guardian, and 6 Beacons.

Beacons are video targets that enhance the laser tag experience by awarding power-ups, bonus points, or even triggering a Generator meltdown on the third floor!

In Domination mode, players simply tag the beacon’s animated display, lowering its shield until they take control of it for their team. Once a designated number of beacons are controlled, the team unlocks an award. Everyone on the team will gain rapid fire and invulnerability for 15 seconds. Then for every 10 seconds they keep control of all Domination beacons, every player on the team gains an extra 200 bonus points!

The beacons on each of the main ramps award power­ups to individual players when tagged. The current power-ups include rapid fire, invulnerability, 2x points multiplier, and a 50 points bonus. There’s also a special beacon on the 3rd floor that when tagged will trigger the Generator meltdown.

So the next time you play laser tag at LLT, be on the lookout for the Beacons! They just might make the difference between victory and defeat!


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