Kraken Island

  • Cooperative
  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 10-15 minutes


Be prepared to face waves of skeletons desperate to take possession of you. Defend your skin and beat all the scores!

This game mode offers an arcade-style shooting experience. Designed for shorter play sessions, the game adapts its difficulty throughout the game, right up to the climax, for a gripping experience!

Treasure Hunt

Have you found the Captain’s treasure? His damned crew will do anything to get it back. Don’t turn your attention away from the chest!

This game mode lets players defend their treasure from the waves of skeletons that want to take it away. Designed for short play sessions, the difficulty increases throughout the game, right up to the climax! You’ll need to stay close to the chest to collect as much gold as possible.


The waves of enemies just won’t stop? Even better,you’ll get more points!

This game mode offers a longer experience, with a difficulty level that increases only slightly. Prefer it for longer sessions.

Infinite Treasure

It looks like this treasure is huge – we’ve hit the jackpot! But the squelches are really mad!

This game mode is the equivalent of Treasure Hunt, but for longer sessions, with a constant level of difficulty.

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