Space Marines 5

  • Cooperative
  • 1 - 4 Players
  • 10-15 minutes

Phasers are armed and ready

This is a league Laserforce mission. Two teams compete with each other taking a specific Space Marine role from the five different types available. Players have limited lives, shots, and missiles. A player who loses all their lives is eliminated from the mission. The last team standing wins!


Nuke: A nuke drop will take 3 lives away from all your opponents. Play smart and hard to earn powerful nukes.

Heavy Weapons

Missiles: In addition to their high hit power, heavy weapons can use lock-on technology to fire deadly missiles.

Ammo Carrier

Resupply: Everyone has a limited amount of shots. Support and supply your teammates to victory.


Resupply: During the fight, the medic supplies team lives. The team relives on this, once they’re out, they’re eliminated.


Rapid Fire: Love to run and gun? Keep the pressure on the other team with rapid-fire & barrage those shots.

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