From the creative minds behind Loveland Laser Tag

We’re proud to bring original state-of-the-art escape adventures to Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. Travel through time to unlock the secrets of the past and escape back to the present. Our first three escape room experiences, Secrets of the Pharaohs, Murder in London, and Wizard’s Tower are available for booking in Loveland! And our first Fort Collins escape room, Puzzler’s Underground Chambers of Mystery, is now available in north Old Town!

There’s been a series of murders in the dark alleyways of London. A Scotland Yard detective was murdered on the corner of Commercial and Hanbury streets. Start by searching there for any evidence the police may have missed. Be careful!

Picture this: You and your friends enter the dark tomb, with only a torch and a flickering flashlight to guide you. You have one hour to retrieve the time medallion and use it to return home before all is lost. Ancient hieroglyphics cover the walls; could they be a clue? Your team finds a strange box, but it does not easily open. Who knows what other secrets Pharaoh Khaba’s tomb holds for those brave enough to enter…

Explore a fantastical world where things aren’t always what they seem. Can you harness all five elemental runes, unlock the mysteries of the Wizard’s Tower, and prove yourself worthy of the challenge?


Team-building activities that require people to work together can improve communication, improve relationships and ultimately increase productivity. You’ll need every bit of teamwork and communication to make it out in time. Our escape room is designed to get your team having fun together and just as important, working together.


Up to 8 people can participate in Secrets of the Pharaohs or Murder in London and 6 people in Wizard’s Tower. Tickets are $28 per person.

Note: Time Emporium is located at the entrance to the Denver Ave Commercial Park, next to the bakery outlet.